Curb Appeal Tips To Sell Your Home

//Curb Appeal Tips To Sell Your Home

Curb Appeal Tips To Sell Your Home

Curb Appeal

Ninety percent of homebuyers use the internet to search and buy the home of their dreams. With thousands of listings online, this makes the housing market extremely competitive. Therefore, first impressions really do matter. Nowadays, buyers are making decisions about a home before they even step foot inside. First time homebuyers are looking at the digital photograph of the outside of your home and quickly determining its value. Then, many online viewers will do a drive-by of the home prior to scheduling an appointment. This means that the first thing they notice is your lawn and overall curb appeal. It is absolutely critical that you pay attention to your home’s exterior so that you can invite potential homebuyers and sell your home with ease.

Paint your front door

The front door is the most inviting element of your home. It is a welcoming symbol that represents a homebuyer’s transition to a new home. Therefore, your door should be the first thing you focus on. A bright note of contrasting color on the door can really bring your exterior to life. Be sure though that the color compliments the rest of your house. The housing service Zillow found that doors colored blue or charcoal earn about $1,514 more than other colors.

Add some water to your exterior

Water is a symbol of natural beauty and relaxation. Therefore, you may want to consider adding some water element to the front of your home. You can do this by either adding an outdoor water fountain, a small pond, or a waterfall. The sound of running water, in particular, is known to relax people and can make your housing tours feel more inviting. Having water in your yard can also attract beautiful butterflies and birds which can also add a touch of warmth to your home.

Plant some color

Another way to add color to the exterior of your home is to plant beautiful, colorful flowers. Plants around a home can make it seem lived-in and well cared for. Therefore, you should vary the types of plants around your lawn and particularly put some along both sides of the walkway. Some great flowers for curb appeal include Rhododendron, Japanese Pieris, and Smooth Hydrangea. Be sure to put the taller plants in the back and the shorter ones in the front to provide depth and color.

Nowadays, the first impression is the only impression you will get. Don’t let your next homebuyer click away from your home ad or walk away from your front door. Dress up your home and let the décor do all the talking.  Having your home make a great first impression is the first step in getting to the closing table.

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